Remove your makeup!

Makeup is tricky game, few years down the lane we had no idea what a highlighter was but today it is a rave. The makeup industry is growing rapidly, from just 3 makeup items (Powder, Rouge, and lip colour) we have grown to a zillion products and lost count of how many cosmetic brands we have around us. Even a basic everyday makeup today requires at least 7-8 products, it is not about many products you are using the question is are you doing your best to take it off?

The wedding season is arriving soon and most of us will attend at least 3 weddings with count less events, from bridal showers to the reception. One thing we will all do on each event is lather ourselves with the expensive makeup products we have collected around the year to look our best (some even try and look better than the bride). I hear so many women saying how they were super tired after the event and slept without removing there makeup (even i do that sometimes) but it is absolutely necessary for us to remove our makeup before bed time.

Here are 2 reasons why you should never sleep with makeup on

Eye Irritation
Eyeshadow base, eyeshadow, highlighter, brow powder, eye liner, mascara and the list of products for this one specific area which cover merely 20% of our face is never ending. Eyes are always the most highlighted features when it comes to makeup, but we should never forget that eyes are also the most sensitive area to work with. If you sleep with all these chemicals on you are calling trouble for yourself.

There is a whole range of products available for just removing eye makeup because
a. we use harsh products on our eyes that claim to last ages
b. waterproof mascara, which wont go away without some intervention
c. this is super sensitive area


I personally recommend using Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover, this product works like magic when it comes to removing eye makeup specially waterproof mascara and liners. Just get some product on your cotton pads, place over your eye for 5 second and wipe clean, you do not rub your eyes to get products out. If your eye makeup removing product makes your rub your eyes like crazy, babe you need to get rid of it before it gets you those ugly looking wrinkles. The more you stretch or rub your eyes the closer you get to fine lines and wrinkles. I got this from Aghas and was priced round PKR 800, lasted for 6 months and was worth every penny. Available online at:

Blocked pores, Black heads and Acne

Makeup is purely chemicals that work and make us look prettier, and any chemical is bad for our skin. The new age makeup products work better because they have better and stronger chemicals. Unless your cosmetic company claims that its all natural or provides mineral makeup you are applying synthetic formulae and chemical dyes to your face. Now the key is to take all of it our properly, is it stays there you are definitely getting blocked pores. Makeup sits on top of your skin and pores are the first layer of your skin, they breathe  (not literally, but they do) and need air supply to maintain our beauty.

If your pores are blocked with makeup, it would turn into blackhead. Black heads are the first step towards acne, black heads are basically our pores blocked with oil and dirt and we all know how painful it is to get them out Ouch!! To minimise blackheads we need to get rid of out makeup and follow an everyday cleanse routine which i will share in my next post.

Black heads can easily turn into ugly and painful pimples and acne which is difficult to deal with and spreads easily to other parts of our faces with just the touch of our hands. Pro tip: If you have a pimple keep your hands off it and keep the area clean and makeup free to let it go away sooner.


This picture is from my dresser, I absolutely love Bioderma Sensibio H2o it is as light as water and cleans away every last trace of makeup. I personally feel it is better than the Garnier one available in the market because this one easily removes waterproof mascara and the toughest eyeliner in just 2 swipes. Whereas with the Garnier one i had to rub a few more times to get rid of my Benefit They are Real Eye liner. I got this one for around PKR 1600 from Hyperstar Dolmen mall Clifton, it has been two month and  have hardly used 25% of the product, so its definitely an amazing purchase for that price. Available online with a free tote bag, that i missed out on:

To remove any makeup please only use soft cotton pads without any impurities, i recommend the bodyshop ones. They are super soft and pure, they might be a little pricy but totally worth it. Cool & Cool also do cotton squared which are equally nice and very cheap in comparison to the body shop ones. I do not recommend the ones by Fay because they are absolutely rubbish and half the pad sticks to your eyelashes.

Let me know your favourite makeup removers in the comments below.

Image source:
Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover
Cover Photo

1 thought on “Remove your makeup!”

  1. I usually prefere to use almond oil as my cleanser it removes the makeup completely also leaves the skin glowing and healthy. After cleansing with almond oil i wash my face with soap & glory vitamin c face wash.
    P.S i use edible almond oil for cleansing


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