Mango Cherry Dessert

Best thing about summers are the fruits that it brings, with the heat going up and crazy temperatures Mohsin always wants something THANDAAA for iftar. So i just randomly tried to mix a few things here and there and made this dessert and the entire dish was finished even before I could taste it. I recreated it in shot glasses to take this picture and share it with you all.


Mango Custard 4 tbsp
Olper’s milk 1 litre
Sugar 8 tbsp
Vanilla cake
Fruit cocktail tin 1 medium sized
Mango 1 cup diced
Cherry 1 cup
Olper’s Cream 1 pack

Make custard as per instructions on the packet and bring it to room temperature ( use sugar and custard powder mentioned in ingredients)

In dessert glasses/bowl/dish line up plain cake
Over the cake place canned fruits, mango and cherry
Pour over mango custard and top with Olper’s cream
place cherry over cream for decoration.
Chill for 6 hours before serving

P.s you can pit cherries before using them by using a tooth pick

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